Enjoy Your Entertainment With the IPTV Smarters

iPTV Smarters is the best solution to your television entertainment problems. It is iPTV Remote Control software that makes it easy for you to control your television using your iPod touch, iPhone or any other Apple product, including iPad and MacBook Air.

What makes iPTV Smarters different from other similar remote control software is the range of capabilities it provides. It has an extensive feature set that includes features such as rewinding shows and movies, pausing, stopping, replaying, skipping forward or back, recording and much more. This is made possible by the integration of the IPTV software and the internet.

All Devices Usage

The software is compatible with all the iPTV devices, namely the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and the newer models of the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad mini and MacBook Air. You can download the software from the iTunes store or any other website that sells this product.

To start using the software you will need a Mac computer and the latest version of iTunes. Once you have installed the software on your computer and have connected it to the internet you will be able to log in to the iPTV user account.

Account settings

Once in the account, you can change your user name and password. You can also select your preferred screen resolution. The options available are a lot of fun and they will help you enjoy the show or movie while being entertained by the sound on your TV.

After you have logged into your user account, you can access your TV shows and movies on your device. You can also watch TV series episodes, music videos and other media files stored on your device. You can also view pictures taken with the camera on your device and play them back on your television.

Easy To USE

iPTV Smarters provides an easy to use interface that is easy to navigate. It has a large and attractive interface with multiple tabs where you can change the settings that you need to adjust the way you want to watch your TV. The tabbed interface allows you to choose a tab and start watching your favorite programs.

IPTV Smarters

IPTV Smarters

If you own an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, the iPTV Smarters software will allow you to use the same remote to control your television set using this electronic device. You can play your favourite shows and movies on your iPod touch, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and even on the new MacBook Air. As long as you have an internet connection at home, you will be able to watch live TV using your device from the comfort of your own home.

 Features IPTV Smarters

You will also be able to view any pictures taken with your device on your television at the click of a button. You will not be required to connect any devices to your TV and you will not be required to buy additional accessories to connect to your TV using your television.

You will also be able to view your program schedule in the form of a calendar, list of upcoming shows and movies and even track your collection. so that you can watch your favorite shows without delay. You can create playlists to ensure that you do not miss any show and to easily watch your favourite programs at the time when you wish to.

 Large Collection

Movies and shows can be downloaded in your iTunes. The program schedules available for the iPTV Smarters software includes hundreds of hours of award-winning TV shows, films and music programs such as Seinfeld, Arrested Development, The Office, Friends, Six Feet Under, The Sopranos and more.

The iPTV Smarters software comes with the ability to update your database of shows and movies. and programs and this is an added advantage if you own a device with a huge library of shows and movies.